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The S5 Tienda Bulk Import Plugin allows you to easily upload hundreds of photos with the click of one button and have them converted into individual products in Tienda with prices and attributes. The plugin is designed for photographers who have 100's of photos that they need to upload at one time for say a particular client or project you just completed.

You simply upload your images to a folder on your server via FTP. In the plugin you point to the URL where all your images are located for the upload you'd like to start. You can also specify a base price and attribute pricing so that each image has the same exact attributes. Lastly you'll choose a category where you'll like all these newly uploaded items to be assigned to.

The following is a quick list of features:

  • Choose category to place images, newly created items in
  • Set base price and attributes
  • Looks at any folder on your server to grab the images from

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Color Variations